"I always dreamt of flying, blindness was just something that happened along the way."

Divyanshu Ganatra

Divyanshu’s story is a pure manifestation of someone who refused to allow life’s challenges to hold him back. From waking up blind at an early age of 19 to being told what he can and cannot do, on April 29th 2014, he became the first blind Indian to take his first solo flight, and realized his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. In 2016 he was the first Blind Tandem cyclist to cycle from Manali to Khardung La, the world’s highest motorable road. In 2018 he climbed MT. Kilimanjaro the highest free standing mountain in the world becoming the first Blind Indian to do so.

Areas of Focus


Divyanshu Ganatra is one of the world's leading speakers on leadership, inclusion and innovation. It is just a bonus that he is also one of the most motivating and inspiring individuals you will ever meet in this day and age. Re-Imagining Possibilities - "It’s the first step towards creating the world you want, overcoming adversity; in life, relationships, and business."


Divyanshu believes that _all of us who are privileged enough to be healthy, to be alive, to have education and to have influence, our role is not to do small things. The only way that we can justify privilege is by doing hard things and helping others. He believes it is not enough to succeed for oneself, but to ensure we strive to create equal oppourtunities for those who are disadvantaged. To make sure no one is left behind.


He facilitates programs on Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Achievement Motivation: Drive For Results and Human Process Labs for senior leadership within fortune 500 companies.


Divyanshu helps you release the business potential of diversity in your organization. The business case for diversity is tremendously huge and the societal benefits of increased inclusion of women, minorities and people with Disability are indisputable. It is not about numbers, but rather building ecosystems where we celebrate differences, where empathy thrives and no one is left behind.

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